Intervju: Eivind Roald om SAS produkt och framtiden met SAS CEO for sales and marketing board their flight home from Hong Kong. We had an interesting conversation about SAS product, the company’s role in the market, new cabins and it really can be free to fly in the future. Meet the Norwegians Eivind Roald, in an exclusive interview with, where he also tells us what we can expect when the A320neo will enter the fleet in 2016.  The opening of the route to Hong Kong – a landmark Roald is clearly proud and pleased that SAS has opened a new route from Stockholm to Hong Kong. This line is a milestone for SAS and a strong indication that it is investing in the future rather than survive the historical crisis of the company has gone through in recent years. See the video interview here: “Our new business class match others ‘First Class’ new SAS Business Class is a great bet for SAS and Eivind Roald says that the focus has been on getting to an “office in the air” for the business travelers, which can thus be as efficient as possible. He is proud of the product and claims that SAS has one of the best Business Class cabins on the market, comparable to First Class in some companies. SAS Plus has come to stay Roald recognizes that there may be some contrast between Business Class long lines to then connect to SAS Plus product in Europe. Customers demand simply is not the product anymore as previously offered. He says that SAS continuously develop the product, not least on the ground, including a commitment to further Café Lounges and new digital solutions. He emphasizes that the majority of SAS’s lines have a rather limited flight time and, thus, is not the same need for Business Class on other markets. Short Line cabins upgraded to reveals Eivind Roald passengers on even the short lines from next year will have experience the new cabins. With the introduction of the new A320neo will kabininteriören to get an upgrade and reminding of the new cabins on long-haul routes. There will naturally be a long process to introduce the design and will occur during the introduction of new aircraft. It can be free to fly last year said Roald to the Norwegian media, that in the future can be free to fly. It is naturligtivs et pretty ambitious claim, we wanted to challenge him a little with. He acknowledges, bluntly, that the statement never sought that all flights would be free but that he still stands behind “The airline industry is very conservative and is in need of innovation,” he says. “Compare it with Spotify, which also was introduced as a free product, but where sponsors and advertisers pay cost price for users. Why can not we use the same model in the airline industry?” he asks rhetorically. Roald want very much to be innovative in the industry and think again. This was an example and he still believe that it is a completely realistic scenario a few years. Today you can see part two of the interview where Eivind Roald reveals little about the future of EuroBonus    

Om är en hemsida för dig som ofta är ute på resa och som önskar att få mer ut av varje resedygn. Oavsett om du är på tjänsteresa eller semester.

Skandinaviens snabbast växande hemsida om resor

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