Intervju: Eivind Roald om ändringarna i EuroBonus met Eivind Roald, group director of sales and marketing, to talk of SAS product, the future, and not least of EuroBonus. In the second part of the interview we talk about the future of EuroBonus and he reveals that major changes are in the pipeline next year.  Part one of the interview can be found by clicking here SAS, recent airline tickets without luggage, many airlines have long-held products, which baggage is not included in the fare. SAS has just introduced this as a test, far behind the competition. Eivind Roald acknowledge that SAS is late with the product, but also say they have tried to listen to customer requests. SAS believes now that the time is right to introduce the product, and that customers are ready to receive it. See the video interview here Future of EuroBonus? In the interview with Bonus Fever reveals Roald, SAS has started to prepare amendments to EuroBonus, coming to Spring 2016. The working title is “Loyalty 3.0” The idea behind the Loyalty 3.0 is that it will be more comprehensive than today’s EuroBonus. He would not go into further detail what this means just yet, but expects that the platform for this comes around the New Year and the market will take some of it in the spring. Furthermore, he says, that SAS has not yet taken any decision on the EuroBonus will follow developments in the US and make earnings by score more sales focused. On the question of EuroBonus is changing from a loyalty program to a bonus, he says that EuroBonus must include both elements. “Loyalty 3.0” will notably contribute to the program develops both in loyalty, but also provide more opportunities for those who do not fly so much. According to Roald wishes SAS in the future to invest more in providing the most loyal customers additional benefits. Nice bonus offers in the autumn, he confirms to, the SAS during the autumn, with a so-called “Point Race,” where it is possible to get significant discounts on bonus. Exactly what and when, that is, he does not yet reveal. The future will offer even more EuroBonus partners, where it is possible to earn points other than air travel.   Part two of the interview, you can see and read by clicking here  

Om är en hemsida för dig som ofta är ute på resa och som önskar att få mer ut av varje resedygn. Oavsett om du är på tjänsteresa eller semester.

Skandinaviens snabbast växande hemsida om resor

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